Golden package

golden-coloured small triangle - What this means? Golden package

With To golden advertisements it concerns the highest-quality advertisements generally. These advertisers "sponsorn" this offer and contribute to the fact that the advertisements can be read by the readership today and also in future free of charge.
To these advertisements is to be given always special attention.

What means for the readers?

Fakes are to be excluded with these advertisements, actually, totally.

What means for the advertisers?

  • Golden-Advertisements are treated even compared with the bronze and silver advertisements preferentially and are always indicated about all other advertisements.
  • Golden-Advertisements find with constantly on ours (and us connected) sides to taking place doctorate actions quite special attention.
  • Only advertisements with "gold, silver or bronze status" become by the production of our dynamic banners, which again on completely to other foreign sides are faded in, pulled up. This brings plentiful new, fresh Traffic on the SetCards of ours again Advertisers. Banner examples see here
Can be attained and be finished any time this in: MY AREA >> MY ADVERTISEMENTS >>DETAILS SHOW >>package work on advertisement revalue.