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  • Dornenschloss Essener Straße 17a, 04129 Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschland
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Erotic, sex contacts and dates in Leipzig

Leipzig has a lot to offer in the field of eroticism. Numerous model apartments, 2 nudist clubs, 4 strip clubs, 1 large Laufhaus and now and then even a curb swallow on the Leipzig street, the "Nordstrasse" in the north of the city.

Interesting facts about Leipzig

"I praise my Leipzig! It's a little Paris ..." once said Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
With its 584,775 inhabitants, Leipzig is the largest city in the Free State of Saxony. In addition, Leipzig has the largest and therefore a unique passage system in Europe. No German city has as many cultural monuments to offer as Leipzig. There are over 15,000, around 80% of which are opulent Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian style palaces. In addition, numerous urban canals, the species-rich zoo, the music culture (e.g. by Johann Sebastian Bach) and the recently created "Leipzig New Zealand" distinguish Leipzig.
Leipzig is considered one of the music cities in Europe. Many important musicians such as Robert Schumann and Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Leipzig. Richard Wagner began his musical training in Leipzig and was born here.
Leipzig is a magnet for families, creative people, culture, music and history lovers.

Leipzig is also known far beyond the borders of Germany and Europe as "The City of the Peaceful Revolution". The so-called "Monday demos" that take place every Monday are generally regarded as the main reason for the peaceful overthrow of the GDR.